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December 11th 2012
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Great news! Nia Griffith MP has secured a date for an All Party Parliamentary Group meeting for next Tuesday to further the work already been done in Parliament about the challenges faced with getting LDN more widely available on the NHS.

The meeting will be held at 9am on July 21st at W2 (off Westminster Hall) and is referred to as the Off Patent APPG meeting which has been advertised in the All Party Notices in Parliament. But, we need your help!  MPs need to hear from their constituents about what issues are most important to them (such as being able to get an off label / off patent medicine like LDN prescribed on the NHS).

Writing an email will only take a few minutes of your time but it ensures those who make decisions on your behalf every day know how you want to be represented. This meeting is important for the many people living with chronic progressive diseases and also for the many Drs who wish to treat their patients with these medicines but refuse to do for fear of losing their licence. There is an unwritten understanding and expectation that doctors put patients’ best interests first. This is what actually happens, but it also leads to a litigation-fear driven approach to treatment choices rather than one based entirely on medical knowhow, and makes a fool of progress with off patent/off label drugs.

This is a system fault, and because it affects health care, it becomes our moral obligation to do some joined up thinking to correct this so our GPs can prescribe off patent/off label meds on the NHS to patients without fear of having their licences suspended for doing so. Therefore we believe it is actually a moral obligation for the Government to act on this.

Please help us by emailing your MP and asking them to represent you at this important meeting. Once the meeting has been formalised, we can then launch an official inquiry about LDN and have a proper debate in Parliament.

There is no doubt that MPs receives hundreds of messages each week on a wide range of issues – let’s make this one to be the most interesting one. A template has been drafted for you to email to your MP select download to use it on your computer – our voices need to be heard – let’s do this!